The science that’s got everyone talking – Literally

It's how you say it - the science of emotions Beyond Verbal at TedX Frankfurt June 2015
To some, it's a frightening prospect. To others, a moment of truth CNN (December 19, 2013)
the companies reach into artificial intelligence and emotions analytics, a new way to decode and measure human moods, attitudes, and decision-making processes Venture Beat (July 23, 2013)
Beyond Verbal... will generate the next wave of hyped expectations, right after natural language recognition, which is expected to peak in 2014 and 2015 Gartner (April 22, 2014)
Beyond Verbal is rolling out an app promising something Siri can't yet deliver: a readout on how you're feeling Wall Street Journal (March 10, 2014)
It sounds like a science-fiction movie, and in some ways it is.. it's inching closer to reality.. The possibilities seem to spiral without limit New York Times (June 1, 2013)
a new breed of devices capable of detecting not only what we say, but also how we say it... Beyond Verbal's New App Tells You How Cheating Politicians Really Feel Huffington Post (June 4, 2013)
If Siri understands not just what I say, but how I feel, it will come back with an answer that matches my mood Bloomberg BusinessWeek (August 25, 2013)
Happy? Sad? A startup called Beyond Verbal has developed technology that can understand how you're feeling just by listening to your voice. MIT Technology (June 3, 2013)
Innovative Marketing Solution That Can Help Your Business Grow Forbes (August 28, 2013)
the sky is the limit... these software-based services will become ever more human-like over time TechCrunch (May 8, 2013)

Discover the most innovative tool in voice-driven Emotions Analytics

When it comes to the development of new apps, it feels lately as if they are literally popping up faster than mushrooms after the rain. Thousands of new apps are launched every single day and everywhere we look, there are newer, faster, and more powerful devices adorning the shelves of our local stores. At first glance, all of these apps and devices seem to be getting ‘smarter’ and more diverse by the minute. However, no matter how smart they are, they all have one big disadvantage in common – the inability to understand how we, as humans think and feel. (more…) ...
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摘要: “一个新生的以色列的种子,萌发于一个被驱逐的民族的想象力”,这种想象力,使得这个只有800多万人口、2.2万平方公里(60%为干旱或半干旱地区)的“小”国,成为了名副其实的创业创新大国。【钛媒体影像栏目《在线》,力图准确记录互联网创业大潮中那些个体:初生牛犊的创业新贵、名利场上的资本明星、聚光灯下的高官巨贾、籍籍无名的程序员、运营、极客、地推、快递员、讲师……他们的瞬间,都值得被记住。每周二出品。图文、视频版权为钛媒体所有,未经钛媒体授权禁止转载、使用】 (more…) ...
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Beyond Verbal Harnesses AI to Analyze Emotions

This is part of a series on machine intelligence companies. We’ve interviewed Beagle and Mariana, and now we’re featuring Beyond Verbal, which is applying AI and machine learning to emotions. Computers are now better than ever at figuring out what we’re saying to them. They can answer complex questions, assist with everyday tasks, and tap into many of the apps we use so often. (more…) ...
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6 Wearable’s to track your emotions

Soon it might be just as common to track your emotions with a wearable device as it is to monitor your physical health. Wearable technology already can tell you about your heart rate, sleep patterns, health habits and breathing patterns; all of which can provide just as much insight into your emotional state as your physical state. For example, (more…) ...
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Emotions make the world go round

By: Bianca Meger, Director of Marketing, Beyond Verbal A few weeks ago we received an invitation from Affectiva to join their Emotion Lab ’16 hackathon. As you can image we confirmed immediately. Now 5 weeks later, 23 hours of travel and a 36 degree drop in temperature we are (more…) ...
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Anticipating Your Needs: Emotional Intelligence Is the Key to Smarter Gadgets

It’s weekend rush hour. You’re stuck in traffic. You got cut off. You’re increasingly frustrated. Your heart rate and blood pressure skyrocket. As you’re fuming in traffic, an inconspicuous device on your wrist silently tracks your vitals and sends them wirelessly to the smart appliances in your home. An algorithm detects you’re angry. The thermostat slightly lowers the room temperature and starts a light breeze. The fridge shifts a cold brew to the front within easy reach. The TV displays that Netflix show you’ve been binging on. You storm through the door, grab the beer, collapse on the couch and immediately feel better. (more…) ...
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