3 Technologies Aiming to Change the Future of Marketing

The future is here–and the evidence is everywhere we turn. Whereas hoverboards and handheld conversational devices were once a figment of the sci-fi imagination, today they’re a part of our everyday reality. While the hoverboard is still working out its kinks, other futuristic technologies have emerged as fully functional and highly transformative in their respective industries.

One area in which the future is gaining some real momentum is Martech. Marketing, like many other industries, is evolving to become increasingly digital and technology-driven. Multi-channel digital marketing, based on big data and predictive analytics, has become one of the most influential marketing strategies in over a decade. The leading technologies in this sphere are redefining consumer-brand interactions and reshaping the way business is conducted online and offline. In today’s data driven world, cutting-edge marketing platforms enable businesses to fully understand what makes their customers tick in order to forge lasting, beneficial relationships.

Here are some technologies taking the lead in this industry:


Interactions between man and machine are becoming increasingly meaningful. With the help of big data, marketers are able to identify behavioral patterns and analyze them to effectively segment and target specific users. Optimove is at the forefront of this innovation. Combining the science of predictive analytics and the art of digital precision marketing, Optimove’s Customer Marketing Cloud gives marketers the data-driven emotional intelligence required to interact with their customers most effectively. Marketers can identify unique trends and action-based insights in order to connect with customers on a personal level and dramatically improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


They say actions speak louder than words–but body language and emotional inflections take it a step further. That’s where BeyondVerbal comes in. BeyondVerbal uses voice samples in recordings and sales calls to properly ascertain a user’s level of interest as well as their emotional state (i.e. anger, satisfactions, excitement etc.). As a result, marketers can successfully gage the next steps to take in the sales/marketing interaction and gain a better understanding of their customers.

3. Discover.ly

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more relevant on a daily basis. According to Tapfluence and Influitive 92% of people look for recommendations from people they know before buying a product or service. Furthermore, since certain influencers have developed a trustworthy reputation, these particular individual’s words are gold in their specific industries. Marketers can spend hours looking for the right influencers to send their messages to a specific target audience or they can use Discover.ly to do the work for them. Discover.ly is a modern day networking tool that lets you instantly find all relevant social data on any of your contacts. For example, if you are connected with someone on Gmail, you can have access to their Twitter account to see their relevant Tweets as well as number of followers. This way, you can properly assess their influence across all social channels.

Knowing your audience is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. From hard data, to emotional insights, to making effective connections–marketing and sales have needed to become smarter and more intuitive in order to win over the consumer’s attention. The future of marketing is heading in the direction of individualization and advanced targeted tactics. By utilizing tools that make this a reality, businesses are set to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

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by Lauren Sirt