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Why Voice

When it comes to emotions understanding and communication, our tone of voice, or the way we pronounce our words and sentences, communicate a great deal of information and insights – sometimes more than the spoken words themselves. Therefore, understanding emotions through our voice – not just the words but the tone of voice as well – becomes an essential element in making AI-driven Personal Assistant more emotionally aware as well as more in tune to the customers' needs and expectations. Here are a few ways it can play a role with your Virtual Private Assistant.

Adding Conversation: Humanizing the interaction between the person and the device

Recommendations and Predictions: Content suggestions, e.g. music, restaurants or TV shows, via a more intelligent device that factors in the mood of the speaker.

Brand Perception: Immediate customer feedback on packaging, products, services and sellers. A post sale communication with the consumer is indispensable for full satisfaction, sustained engagement and recommendations.

Digital Health and Wellness: Further down the road – ongoing monitoring of vocal biomarkers that indicate certain health conditions to promote behavioral changes toward a healthier style



Temper is an emotional measure that covers a speaker’s entire mood range. Low temper describes depressive and gloomy moods. Medium temper describes friendly, warm and embracive moods. High temper values describe confrontational, domineering and aggressive moods.

Mood groups

Mood groups are an indicator of speaker’s emotional state during the analyzed voice segment. The vpa produces a total of 11 mood groups which range from anger, loneliness and self-control to happiness and excitement.

Combined Emotions

A combination of various basic emotions, as expressed by the users voice during an analyzed voice section.

Valence *BETA

Valence is a variable which ranges from negativity to positivity. When listening to a person talk, it is possible to understand how “positive” or “negative” the person feels about the subject, object or event under discussion.


Arousal is a variable that ranges from tranquility/boredom to alertness/excitement. It corresponds to similar concepts such as level of activation and stimulation.

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