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Our Story

Beyond Verbal Commercializes patented technology that extracts individuals full set of emotions and character traits, using their raw voice in real time, as they speak. The extraction, decoding and measurement of human moods, attitudes and decision-making characteristics introduces a whole new dimension of emotional understanding – which we call Emotions Analytics - and has the potential to transform the way we interact with machines and with each other. Lead by an experienced management team of industry professionals, our goal is to leverage our unique abilities to lead a new multi-billion dollar market of emotionally enhanced applications on practically any voice enabled, voice activated or voice controlled devices/ applications.

Intro by Yuval Mor, CEO
  We extract, analyze and decode a full set of emotions directly from a person's voice. Join us for a brief intro on the concepts & potential of Emotions Analytics.

Our core research started in 1995 with the understanding that “It’s not what we say” but “HOW we say it”. A team of physics, decision-making and neuropsychology scientists conducted research for over 19 years on over 300,000 test subjects in more than 32 different languages. The result was the discovery of the human “intonational code” extracted from human voice modulations. 

This discovery is the basis of Beyond Verbal’s technology and is covered by five granted US patents. The technology has received worldwide acclaim, winning both industry and academic recognition. 

What makes us unique

With proven results with customers across multiple sectors around the world, Beyond Verbal stands apart as the only company offering a technology capable of extracting, in real-time, the full spectrum of human emotions from a person’s vocal intonation. Such understanding of people’s moods, attitudes and decision-making characters while they speak, opens a window into a previously unavailable dimension of human insights, with major impact on numerous multi-billion verticals.