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Valence *BETA

Valence is a variable which ranges from negativity to positivity. When listening to a person talk, it is possible to understand how “positive” or “negative” the person feels about the subject, object or event under discussion.


Arousal is a variable that ranges from tranquility/boredom to alertness/excitement. It corresponds to similar concepts such as level of activation and stimulation.


Temper is an emotional measure that covers a speaker’s entire mood range. Low temper describes depressive and gloomy moods. Medium temper describes friendly, warm and embracive moods. High temper values describe confrontational, domineering and aggressive moods.


A key indicator of a speaker’s emotional state during the analyzed voice section, ranging from anger, sadness and neutrality to happiness and warmth

Confidence score

A metric that reflects the distributions of likelihoods of the identified emotion output group (e.g. low arousal). It can be controlled by the user and these adjustments clarify the expected impact on accuracy at varying levels of confidence for the application need.

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