Emotion AI – API V4

Among the improved features:

  • Reduced Analysis Time – After the first 10 second analysis is given, a new analysis is generated every 5 seconds.
    Click here to see our Voice Input Guidelines
  • Improved Accuracy for Temper, Valence and Arousal
  • New: Confidence Score – measures our confidence in the given analysis. Click here to read more about the confidence
  • New: End field – In addition to the “offset” and “duration” we have added an end field for each segment time. Click
    here to read more about our Analysis Result Interpretation Guide

Must reads – just to get you started.

  • Voice Input Guidelines: Gives you all the information you need to record good audio which can be analyzed by our engines.
  • Quick Integration Guide: Contains all the technical guidance you need to start using our API.
  • Output Definition: Getting the data is one thing, it is another to understand it. Read our output definitions document to make sense of all our emotional outputs – it’s the sensible thing to do 😉

Additional (and useful) reads:

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