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NEW: Link between Voice
and CAD- Mayo Clinic

Beyond Verbal has embarked on a research journey to identify patterns for several diseases:

Today’s digital world is rapidly transforming the way we measure and track our health - from periodical and sporadic visits to the clinic to an ongoing & continuous “quantified-self” via an endless stream of wearable devices and apps. While these devices measure pretty much everything - from skin conduct to pulse to movement, glucose levels and much more. Our voice is the most expressive & versatile output our body produces. It carries not just our words but also our emotions, our wellness condition and even indications about our health state. Beyond Verbal’s goal is to introduce vocal analysis capabilities to deliver better wellness and ultimately better health. It’s time we listen to our body.
Over the years Beyond Verbal has expanded the reach and applicability if its core technology from focusing on understanding emotions to tracking wellbeing and to health - demonstrating the valuable connection between mind and body. With the findings of this research and the newly launched Beyond mHealth Research Platform, Beyond Verbal is leading the way to facilitate a new domain of health research, namely correlating distinct voice features with health conditions and revealing novel vocal biomarkers.

If you are a scientist in a research center or work at a commercial organization interested in collaboration feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information.

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