Table of Mood Phrases

Getting a Table of Mood Phrases in your language

The Moods table provides mapping between mood Id (returned in Moods section of analysis result) and a text of the Mood phrases.

Example of mood section with Ids

“Mood”: {
“Group21”: { “Primary”: { “Id”: 1, // will be mapped to “Creative, Passionate”
“Secondary”: { “Id”: 7, // will be mapped to “Loneliness, Unfulfillment”

There is no need to fetch this table each time a particular phrase required. In order to reduce network traffic and CPU requirements, the application can pre-load this table into its memory and then use each time when the phrase text is required.

Please be informed that not all languages are supported yet. Please contact Beyond Verbal to get information on how to support the language of your interest.

Moods Request

GET URL:{groupeName}/{language}

Moods Request Parameters

Name Location (BodyUrlHeader) Optional Explanation
Group name Url No This field specifies the Mood type for which table is requested.
Supported values:
Language Url Yes Requested language according to ISO-639 and ISO-3166 standards. Default en-us
Alternatively you can set required language in standard HTTP Accept-Language header
Auth token Authorization Header No



Authorization: Bearer 21G2BA4iZJavSJQbsyuppWmfSMLgLn-**gDTCfguhzGa_k8

OK (200) Response:

{“Id”:1,”Phrase”:”Creative, Passionate”},
{“Id”:2,”Phrase”:”Criticism, Cynicism”},
{“Id”:3,”Phrase”:”Defensivness, Anxiety”},
{“Id”:4,”Phrase”:”Friendly, Warm”},
{“Id”:5,”Phrase”:”Hostility, Anger”},
{“Id”:6,”Phrase”:”Leadership, Charisma”},
{“Id”:7,”Phrase”:”Loneliness, Unfulfillment”},
{“Id”:8,”Phrase”:”Love, Happiness”}