Voice and Signal Processing Engineer

Job Description

You must be comfortable wearing many hats and be able to work in a rapidly changing and demanding environment. Your projects will be appropriately based on your skill level and aligned with company goals and priorities. You must be proactive, inquisitive, energetic and confident to innovate and implement new ideas, and develop world-class data analytics solutions in the context of building scalable, commercialized systems.

This position primarily focuses on:

> Research and development of new psycho-acoustic feature extraction algorithms
> Feature engineering, evaluation and selection for existing and future machine learning models
> Algorithm design, implementation, performance analysis and optimization
> Do Research of new methodologies, design and implementation of experiments and proof of concepts
> Work with millions of labeled and unlabeled voice samples and datasets
> Work in a team of algorithm developers and with other development teams to produce high quality product for voice analysis


> Minimum MSc in electrical engineering, physics, computer science, applied math or a related field
> 2-3+ years of related work experience
> Proven experience and expertise in one of the following or related fields: audio signal processing, speech recognition, audio/voice compression
> Experience and knowhow in machine learning techniques and tools as advantage
> Knowledge and hands-on experience with different programming languages like: MATLAB, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, C#
> Strong software engineering and algorithmic skills. Ability to understand tradeoffs between correctness, robustness, performance, space, and time
> An independent self-starter who likes to take ownership and independently seeks out new challenges.
> Always ready to learn and step outside of your comfort zone to blaze the trail for new technology
> Excellent communication and interpersonal skills